Furnishing Your First Home

If you’re looking for DC mortgages, you’ve probably got bigger concerns than furnishing your first home. There are several steps to consider, before getting to that stage and, even if you have selected which Washington DC mortgage lenders to work with, there’s still a long process before you’ll be moving into a home. However, you should at least have a plan for furnishing your home, because, as long as the process may seem, it does go quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be in your new home and ready to furnish it. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for that day.

Don’t Rush Into a New Purchase

There are a few reasons to avoid charging a bunch of new furniture to your credit cards. First, you’ll want to move your existing furniture in and see how everything fits. This will help you determine what will be placed in which rooms and help you decide which pieces you would rather sell. Once this step is done, you can get a better feel for the other big items you will want for each room. Additionally, doing renovations now, before bringing in new furniture, is less complicated and eliminates the risk of damaging new items with paint drippings or unnecessary scratches and tears.

Plan Your Savings

Waiting to buy those big ticket items will also help you to save for them. Perhaps discuss bundling your DC mortgages with a high yield savings account with your banker. Any mortgage banker in DC should be able to recommend a savings account capable of earning you competitive interest on your savings. Once you settle your home purchase and have a good estimate of what your monthly payments will be along with insurance and taxes, you can get a better idea about what you can afford to spend on new furniture.

Plan Your New Look

Delaying furniture purchases until later can also help you design your new home better. Once you’ve moved in and had a chance to really think about how you’ll make it your own, you’ll have a much better idea of what type of furniture you want. You can better decide which colors will go with the color schemes and what fabrics best suit your sense of style. Also, considering getting pets or having children in the near future may affect what fabrics you choose for your sofas and chairs.

Shop Around

Finally, once you are finished working with various Washington DC mortgage lenders and have settled on a mortgage banker in DC, you’ll be less stressed about the complexities of buying a home. This will free you up to give more thought to where you’ll buy your furniture. Take your time browsing online stores, as well as looking through the physical inventories of traditional brick and mortar furniture outlets and wholesale distributors. You may find “online only” deals or big sales in your local area that will save you money. Also, consider browsing antique stores and used furniture ads for bigger savings on your first big furniture purchases. You can always upgrade to something newer at a later time.

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