How to Furnish Your First Home Without Going Broke

Moving into a single-family home is a dream for most families. The space has many possibilities. However, you may only have a small sofa and dining set to add into the property. The rest of the home is relatively bare. Don’t rush out and buy hundreds of dollars of furniture pieces. Take a tip from the professionals so that the home can be furnished with a unique appearance that’s all your own.

Pick a Starter Room

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you first enter a new property. There’s a lot of square footage to contend with, and furniture can get expensive. Consider a tip from Washington DC mortgage lenders by picking one room as the initial challenge.

The chosen room should be a priority in your mind, such as the kitchen or living room. These spaces are always busy so they need the proper furniture. By focusing on a particular room, feeling overwhelmed isn’t part of the process. The space might require side tables, comfortable chairs, and a TV mount, for instance. A handful of items to purchase is a lot easier to handle than furnishing an entire home. When you’re satisfied with the starter room, move onto the next priority.

Try Cash Whenever Possible

It’s easy to go broke on a furnishing journey when credit cards are in your hand. You might rationalize that an expensive item can be paid off over several months with credit. However, most people end up paying for a lot of interest charges with this rationale.

Put up cash for as many furnishing purchases as possible. If you can’t afford a particular item, it’s a good idea to look for other options. Cash gives you a spending limit that helps with budgeting.

In some cases, offering cash for an item might spur discounts from the seller. They’re often pleased with the influx of cash that a discount is warranted. It never hurts to ask. Cash will always be attractive to both buyers and sellers.

Be Open to Donations

Consider the generosity of loved ones as they hand over gently used furniture. Many of these items may simply require a dusting or sanding to look practically brand new once again. The experts at First Savings Mortgage suggest that every item should be evaluated before you accept it, however.

Bed frames, tables, and other solid items are perfect as hand-me-downs. They stand the test of time. Be wary of accepting padded items, such as pillows or mattresses, because they typically have a short lifespan.

If you find that an item can’t be used in your household, try swapping it with friends. Furniture that people don’t want or need could be the perfect item for your home.

Don’t Discount Online Classifieds

Online classified ads are equivalent to the classifieds found in the old-fashioned newspapers. People buy and sell furniture all the time. Browse around these ads because they can be diamonds in the rough.

Look at ads with photos of the furniture at various angles. Contact a seller who has an attractive product. Ideally, ask about seeing the furniture in person so that you can truly verify the features and flaws.

Online deals are possible when you select sellers with stellar, track records. Many sellers are simply trying to make extra cash. You walk away with a great deal on a product that may cost twice the price otherwise.

Don’t hesitate to say no to a negotiation if the dealmaking isn’t going in the right direction. There are buyers and sellers for every furniture piece.

Consider “Assembly Necessary” Goods

You won’t go broke if you look for items that require assembly. Flat-box furniture doesn’t have to be shipped for expensive prices. The manufacturer and retailer have extremely low prices on the items before they’re even sold. Take advantage of this fact by looking for furniture in pieces.

It will take some time to put the items together, but it’s worth the effort when hundreds of dollars might be at stake. Follow the directions, or call the manufacturer if you have a particular question. Assembling the furniture gives you a chance to get familiar with the shape and construction. It will be appreciated more than other items bought in full-assembly styles.

Rejuvenate Yard-Sale Deals

Yard sales can have some worn, furniture pieces. Don’t overlook a few of these items, however, because they can be cleaned up. Sand them down, give them a polish or paint them a brilliant hue. Many people try staining or distressing the surfaces too.

Always barter for the furniture at the yard sale. If a seller puts the item up for sale, they already want to get rid of it. Use this fact to your advantage by driving the price downward. As long as the final price is fair for both parties, the furniture can find new life at your home. Loved ones might think that you paid a lot for the furniture when in reality a fantastic deal was struck.

Take Your Time

When you consider every piece of advice, taking your time should be at the top of your to-do list. Regardless of your furnishing strategy, the entire home doesn’t have to be perfected within the first month. In fact, homeowners with a first mortgage will normally take several months or years to ultimately furnish a home.

Taking your time allows you to wait for sales on certain items, such as last year’s hottest dining set. Look for markdowns that are otherwise, expensive products. In many ways, consumers might treat this leisurely shopping strategy as a treasure hunt. You never know what type of deal you might find as you research various furniture styles. If you feel rushed, poor choices and expensive items will be the result of your efforts.

If you’re still looking for that dream home, contact Gregg Busch today. This mortgage broker serves the Washington DC region with expert advice and streamlined transactions. Use your newfound knowledge about furniture purchases on the new property. A beautiful home is only a few decorating choices away.

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