How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

When the symbols of summer start to appear, you may begin to pack up the beach bag or make vacation plans to rent a cabin near a lake. While these happenings are sure to inspire fun for your family and friends, you also must take care of your house. Setting aside from time now to address necessities can lead you to a summer of less stress and more enjoyment.

Make Sure the Air Conditioners Work

Whether you have central air conditioning or window units, you don’t want to run into a hot day with malfunctioning equipment. In fact, living in a house that’s too hot could even become dangerous in extreme heat. If your window units have been around for the better part of a decade, you may want to start thinking about replacing them. Regardless of what type of air conditioner you have, a professional cleaning can boost its performance. You may have a home service plan that takes care of these cleanings for you. Also, keep in mind that if you’re trying to sell the house over the summer, proper air conditioning is pivotal. Potential buyers who step into a swampy environment may turn away from DC mortgages.

Organize Your Equipment and Decorations

Perhaps you’re looking to have a yard sale before you work with a Washington DC mortgage lender to move to a new home, or maybe you simply don’t want to go through piles of clutter each time that you need an item. Before the summer is in full swing, organize all of your summer decorations into labeled boxes. By doing so, you’re making life simpler for yourself for this summer and all summers in the future. Also, now is the time to clean off any equipment that you need in the summer, such as the spade, hedge-clippers, and lawnmower. Check that each item is in good condition and functioning properly. Making repairs early can help to eliminate stress.

Spruce up the Outside

Once you have your equipment out of the shed, take the time to clean up the yard. After a brutal winter, you may find that garbage has blown into corners of the yard or that branches are lying on the lawn. The curb appeal of your house is important, especially if you have a First Savings mortgage on your mind. When prospective buyers come to the property, the exterior portions are what they see first. Therefore, consider the major benefit of getting the whole family together for a day to clean up the space. Another option is to hire a landscaping team. You may be shocked at how good your property can look if you start to work with a professional maintenance group on a regular basis.

Check for Damage

The strong winds of the winter, as well as the snow and other elements, could cause damage to the outside of your home. For example, you may need to check the siding or the roof, particularly if you have an older home. Keep in mind that issues can be difficult for the untrained eye to spot. When you’re seriously concerned about damage, consider having a professional repair company come in to take a look. You may also want to speak with an electrician or the local electrical provider to make sure that all of the wires are properly connected to your house. If you see a downed wire on your property or in the neighborhood, you should call the proper authorities immediately as these issues can be a fatal hazard.

Turn the Water Back on

During the winter months, you may shut off the outside water to reduce the chance of freezing. Before the first day when you need to water the lawn or fill up the kiddie pool, make sure to turn that water back on. You want to make certain that no issues exist. By looking into this situation early, you can have the necessary repairs made before the problem turns into more than just a minor nuisance. You should also check that the hose is still functioning and that it does not have any tears or punctures in it. If you’re thinking about DC Open Doors Lenders, you may also want to have a sprinkler system installed in the yard. Doing so can appear quite attractive to prospective buyers.

Prepare the Yard

Chances are that you want to have some relatives or friends over during the summer. In order to do in the most comfortable way possible, take the time to fix up the yard. For example, you may want to have the pavement taken care of so that people don’t trip and so that the table sits evenly. You may also want to purchase new furniture so that guests have comfortable places to sit. Even if you are putting the house up for sale this summer, showing how much space and comfort the yard provides can make it a more appealing space. Remember that photos of this outdoor space are likely to appear in any real-estate listings online.

Open the Windows

While most of the tasks that you’ll complete will have to do with the exterior of your house, you can also bring elements of the beautiful weather in. Allowing all of that fresh air to fill the home can make your family feel happy and healthy after a winter of having the windows shut. While you’re allowing this breeze to circulate through the home, take the time to clean off the windows and screens. If you are taking the screens out to wash them, make sure that your pets are secured in a different room. Even when you think you know how they will respond, they may feel enticed by the outdoors and try to escape.

Summer is a time when people love to go outdoors. Whether you’re planning to spend more time outside or want to make the property attractive to potential buyers, making the decision to pay attention to certain tasks can make a difference.

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